Choose The Right Fireplace Accessories
To Transform Any Room From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Since man first captured fire, the tradition of gathering around a fireplace became a treasured part of our lives.  Even now, it’s easy to make the fireplace the center of your room, the place everyone gathers to swap stories and melt away the cares of the day.  Choosing just the right fireplace accessories gives you a wonderful opportunity to reflect your personal style, to create the perfect mood you want to convey. 

Accessories Express Your Personal Style

Perhaps it’s a cozy country feel, with family photos lovingly arranged across a beautiful oak mantle shelf.  Treasured heirlooms take on new life sharing a room with an antique fireplace, complete with brass andirons and a stained glass fire screen.  Maybe your tastes are more contemporary, with sleek, clean lines and stunning designs in everything from the tool set to the fireplace doors.

That’s why we created Fireplace Accessories Online to be your one stop shop for everything you need to set the tone around your fireplace.  We’ve scoured the Internet to find the finest purveyors of mantels, fire screens, fireplace tool sets, log racks, and a myriad of other unique tools and accessories you can choose to define the look you want.  We’ve even got the right cooking utensils to let you cook popcorn or toast marshmallows while sitting cozily on a beautiful hearth rug.  And cleaning your fireplace is a breeze with the cleaning supplies we’ve found. 

Shop For Fireplace Accessories Online
Just think, you can find everything you need for the fireplace of your dreams without ever leaving the comfort of your home with only a few clicks.  Instead of borrowing someone’s truck to pick up the fireplace screen or fire place surround, it will be delivered right to your door. 

All of our merchants offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and completely secure sites, so there’s no chance that you won’t be completely happy with your choices.

Find The Fireplace Accessories You Need Now

Now the only thing left to do is choose the right fireplace accessories to create the room you want.

• Fireplace Mantles – Choices for fireplace mantels are almost unlimited, with finishes ranging from antique chestnut to Mahogany and virtually any painted color you can imagine.  Marble Mantles and unfinished mantles are also available.

• Fireplace Surrounds – Acting as a frame around the firebox, surrounds can be a continuation or offer a contrast to the mantel.

• Fire Place Screens – With designs ranging from multi-panel screens styled with antique leaves to elegant stained glass designs, you’re sure to find one which reflects your style. even offers screens featuring outdoor scenes and sports team logos.

• Tool Sets – Though fireplace toolsets usually contain the same basic pieces, the designs of the holder and the tools themselves ranges from antique to contemporary.  Tool sets are a great way to complete the look of any fireplace, whether wood burning, electric or even gel fireplaces.

• Electric Fireplaces - Now it's easy to add the beauty and warmth of a fireplace to any room.  Just plug one in!

Additional ways to personalize your fireplace include:
• Log Racks - keep your firewood neatly stacked by the hearth or outdoors
• Fireplace Grates
• Fire Backs
• Andirons
• Hearth Rugs
• Fireplace Candelabras, an ideal way to enjoy your fireplace when a few gentle flames are enough
• Cooking items –  popcorn poppers and Dutch ovens
• Color Cones and Crystals to add color to the flames

So find the perfect items to complement your fireplace, then relax and enjoy!  It’s that easy with Fireplace Accessories Online.