Add Color and Style to Any Fireplace
with Brass Fireplace Screens

Brass fireplace screens are one of the most popular choices for virtually any fireplace.  The luxurious color of brass Brass Fireplace Screen Shopadds light to your fireplace, making it the center of attention in your room.  Brass fire place screens come in a variety of finishes, from solid brass to antique brass, as well as a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  Choosing a brass fireplace Three Fold Polished Brass Screen From HomeOfDecor.comscreen is guaranteed to make your fireplace something special.

Types of Brass Fireplace Screens

There are several different types of brass fireplace screens available.  When a fireplace screen is called “brass” that means that the bars between the mesh screens as well as along the top of the screens.  Solid brass is the most durable as well as heaviest and most expensive; it can always be polished back to its original beauty.  The other types of brass are electroplated over a metal such as steel or zinc, making them just as beautiful, but much less expensive.  The two most popular finishes include polished brass which is shiny and bright, antique brass which has a slightly darker hue for an aged look.

Different Styles of Brass Fireplace Screens

Fortunately brass fireplace screens come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about every size of fireplace.  The most popular choices are three and four panel fireplace screens, usually with simple arched tops.  Both three panel brass fireplace screens and four panel brass fireplace screens are available for less than $100 if they have a brass finish rather than solid brass construction.  Choices include either an entirely brass design or a black and brass design, with brass usually placed along the top lines of the fireplace screen.  Several styles of these screens are available in the Fireplace-Accessories-Online Shop.

Single panel fireplace screens, including Boston Sparkguards, are also available with brass, though the combination is usually black with brass accents.   The design of a Boston Sparkguard fireplace screen is especially safe with children and pets, because it offers an extra panel over the top of the screen which blocks sparks from escaping the firebox.  More traditional single panel brass fireplace screens are also available.  Many feature ornate decorations, such as scroll work, surrounding the screen and even on the actual panel.  Check out the special ones in our Fireplace Screen section of our store.

There’s nothing like a brass fan screen for an elegant look in any room.  Although they offer only limited protection for a burning fire, the presentation is shiny and gorgeous.  Choices range from a simple fan design to ornate fan fireplace screens with art deco styled figurines gracefully adorning the panel.  Make sure to get the size that is most appropriate for your fireplace opening.

Taking Care of Your Brass Fireplace Screen

All brass fireplace screens will eventually tarnish over time if used with a fire, but how to clean them depends on whether or not the brass has a lacquer cost covering it.  Most brass fireplace screens have a coat of lacquer to seal the brass from the air; it doesn’t affect the color, but does protect the brass or brass finish from tarnishing and eliminates the need for polishing. 

To test whether or not your brass screen is coated with lacquer, mix a solution of one part white vinegar with one part baking soda.  Use a soft cloth to dab a tiny spot with the solution.  If nothing happens, the object has a lacquer coat; if the metal becomes brighter, there is no lacquer coat.  Make sure not to test with a brass cleaner, which would affect a lacquer finish.  Clean non-lacquered polished brass with a soft cloth and mild soap, but avoid cleaning it too often or it will develop a satiny sheen known as a “butler’s finish.” 

Accessorizing Brass Fireplace Screens

One of the most special things you can do with a brass fireplace screen is accessorize to complete the fireplace arrangement.  Brass fireplace accessories are available to match almost any screen, such as brass fireplace toolsets, brass log holders, brass fenders and more.  Prepackaged sets including fireplace screens, toolsets and options of other items are available through Home of Décor.

Whether you choose a fan shaped, single panel, three panel, or four panel fireplace screen, selecting a brass fireplace screen for your fireplace will always be the right choice.