Copper Fireplace Screens

Whether you choose the traditional copper color or a powder coat finish, the great designs available as copper fireplace screens quickly adds style to any room.  With so many styles to choose from, you can match a copper fireplace screen to virtually any décor or theme, including antique, contemporary, and rustic styles.

Copper is incorporated into fireplace screens in two different ways.  The first actually uses the beauty of copper in the frame surrounding the mesh screen, with the soft warm orange color complimenting the fire’s flames.  The second way is to combine the strength of wrought iron with a powder coat cover to change the color to gorgeous copper.  From there you have a choice of finishes such as rich satin finish or classic antique copper.

Antique Copper Fireplace Screens
Antique fireplace screens use copper to accentuate the beautiful scrolls and decorations that define antique styles.  Does your home incorporate the elaborate styling of the 18th century, or do you embrace simple classic styles with a high arched center panel?  Available styles also include the flourishes reflecting the opulent décor of Versailles or a clean squared-corner design with a beautiful leaf pattern adorning the top edge.

Contemporary Copper Fireplace Screens
The most popular styles of copper screens use clean straight frame lines with a nearly shear mesh.  Would a fire place screen with a high arched center panel look great in front of your fireplace?  Or would a straight, level look better mirror the style of your firebox?  My favorite is the Ingle Frame Fireplace Screen which uses a high arch with deep dips between each panel for simple beauty.  There’s even a traditional Mission Style screen trimmed in copper available for less than $200.

Decorative Fireplace Screens
One of the more beautiful executions of a copper fireplace screen is the Copper Folding Trees Fireplace Screen available through  This tri-fold fireplace screen offers a stunning silhouette of pine trees scattered in a forest in the center panel.  It’s a fine blend of artistry and functionality, since the mesh screen still protects your hearth from sparks and embers.  If an animal scene better suits your décor, this company also offers a wonderful scenic of a moose wandering through a forest.  You can’t miss with these choices!

Selected Merchants
Fireplace – Among this site’s 200 different fireplace screens are a dozen choices in copper, including both copper and powder coat options.  Their prices are some of the best around, and frequently has shipping specials and great sales!

Home of – Options on this site focus on antique copper and satin copper finishes, including some choices I couldn’t find anywhere else.  They have a wonderful “family” service which matches fireplace screens with compatible fireplace tool sets, wood holders and andirons, so that you can select the items you want without concern about clashing styles.