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                                                     Standing boldly in front of the firebox, fireplace screens are one of the best ways to express your personal style.  Both functional and decorative, with hundred of choices available, it is easy to find a fireplace screen that perfectly matches your design goal.

The Reason For Fireplace Screens

The purpose of a fireplace screen is two-fold, first allowing heat to circulate throughout the room, and second, providing safety, protecting hearth and home from flying sparks or hot ashes emitted by crackling logs.  Make sure that you buy a sufficiently sized screen to fulfill this purpose.

Choosing The Right Fireplace Screen

One of the primary ways to determine what style of screen works for your room is choosing the number of panels you like.  Choices range from single panel screens to three, four, or five vertical panel designs.  Some versions also offer horizontal schemes, with a hinged top panel for easy access.

Whether a fire is burning or not, fire screens have a huge decorative presence in any room.  Traditional screens remain constructed of wrought iron, and come in basic black or glazed with a variety of colors.  The screens inside the frame can be sheer or decorated with wrought iron scenes.

Brass fireplace screens add an elegant touch, as the golden touch compliments the hues of the flames.  Complete the look with a brass tool set and andirons.

Clear glass screens enable everyone to savor the flickering blaze and glowing logs.  For extra fun, add a few crystals to change the colors of the flames.

Stained glass fireplace screens are enormously popular because of the extra color and beauty they offer, especially when backlit by a roaring fire.  (Use a fireplace candelabra to generate the same beautiful look during warmer months.)  Designs include elegant floral or Tiffany-styled patterns, mountain or country scenes, and even logos of professional and college sports teams. 

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