Fireplace Screens with Doors

One great way to enjoy the beauty of a real wood fire is through a fireplace screen with doors, sometimes called freestanding fireplace doors.  Instead of looking through the mesh panels of more common fireplace screens, you can see flames clearly through the glass doors in the center panel, which also provide easy access to stoke the fire. 

Enjoy the Flexibility of Fireplace Screens with Doors

By choosing this option, you’ll take advantage of the best of both worlds – the glass doors give you the ability to easily tend the fire while the fireplace screen protects you from flying sparks or rolling logs.  The added benefit choosing a fireplace screen over permanently installed glass doors is the ability to remove the fireplace screen when there’s no fire, perhaps even placing a beautiful fireplace candelabra in the firebox during the summer.

While very few stained glass fireplace screens can be used in conjunction with burning logs, the glass used in the doors of this type of fire place screen is tempered, enabling it to withstand the heat of a roaring fire.

To determine the proper size to fit your fireplace, measure the same way you would for a fireplace screen.  This includes the height and width of your firebox, as well as the depth of the hearth, since some room is required for the feet of the fireplace screen.  Make sure to allow for some overlap around the fireplace surround for extra protection.

Many Choices in Fireplace Screens with Doors

Though some people prefer built-in custom glass doors or fireplace glass doors in stock sizes, if you want glass doors inside a screen, there are lots of great choices in the number of panels and design.  Most are constructed from a combination of iron and steel materials.
  • Among the features and choices you’ll find
  • Single panel or multi panel
  • Straight or arched frame tops
  • Straight or arched topped doors
  • Patio hinged, iron gate or sliding glass doors
  • Black, pewter, and graphite powdercoat finishes
  • Contemporary, tradition styles
  • Wide range of sizes

The best source for fireplace screens with glass doors is  Frequently this site offers free shipping or terrific sales so make sure to check them out!