Fireplace Gas Logs – Just Flip A Switch
To Enjoy A Cozy Fire

Buy Gas Logs at Home Of Decor

                                                                                  With the flip of a switch, you can enjoy a roaring fire if your fireplace is home to gas logs.  Gas logs come in such a wide variety of wood finishes and styles that you can easily find one that fits your vision for your fireplace. 

Types of Gas Logs

Gas fire logs are available in both natural and propane gas models in nearly every model.  The choices you have are based on the type of fireplace you have, especially your venting system.

Vented Standard Gas Logs are appropriate for use in fully vented wood-burning fireplaces with the damper open.  This type of gas log offers the most realistic-looking wood and log options, but is the least efficient type because most of the heat escapes through the damper.  This type of fireplace gas logs will work for both front facing and front and side facing fireplaces.  As long as your original fireplace has a damper a minimum of 8” in diameter and was designed for burning wood, then it can be used for either vented or ventless gas log systems.

Ventless Gas Logs, sometimes called unvented logs or vent-free logs, are so named because the damper can remain closed, resulting in 99% efficiency.  Vent free gas logs offer an appealing yellow flame, though the log options may be slightly less real looking than vented gas logs.  If you are looking for a source of heat as well as beauty, determine if a ventless fireplace is permitted in your state. 

Partially Vented Logs permit you to close the fireplace damper most of the way, leaving as little as 10% open.  As a result this offers an excellent way to heat the room while still sending most of the combustion by-products to escape up the chimney.

Pick Your Log Style

Once you’ve identified the appropriate vent system, the next step is to measure your fireplace to determine the right size of logs for your firebox.  Finally, you'll choose the fireplace logs.  Take a good look at your firebox, and consider the arrangement that will look most authentic to you.  While few fireplaces can accommodate a campfire style wood design, you can still decide whether you prefer a neatly stacked or scattered presentation.  Also determine what type of wood you prefer; there are numerous choices of oak, including royal English oak, northern oak, red oak, and split oak.  Perhaps split logs are more your style, or are you more drawn to white birch or even driftwood?  Don’t forget the accessories too, like pine cones, acorns, or wood chunks and chips to enhance the appearance of your fire.

Selected Merchants
Home of Décor offers a comprehensive selection of vented gas logs, vented standard gas logs, and see-thru gas logs.  There’s even a great search tool which quickly shows your choices based on your fireplace’s dimensions and burner, gas, and vent types. It’s easy to find the right logs on this site, since you can refine your source by gas log type (vented or vent free gas logs), firebox width, fuel type, or price range.  Prices on are among the lowest you’ll find, and they frequently offer great sales, free shipping, and even financing options.