Log Racks Keep Firewood Neatly Organized
Inside or Outdoors

Whether you have a wood burning, gas, or electric fireplace, placing a log rack on the hearth helps to complete the look of your fireplace décor. 

If you are the fortunate owner of a wood-burning fireplace, a log rack is an absolutely necessary fireplace accessory.  It serves many purposes - keeping an evening’s worth of logs in order while catching the wood chips and splinters that fall from the timbers.  Even if you burn something other than wood, putting a few logs into a firewood log rack and posing it next to your fireplace adds a special touch.

Hearth Log Racks

Most people think that the choices for hearth log racks are limited to a traditional basket style in brass or wrought iron.  While this popular choice will easily match any decorating style, Home Of Décor can help you can get bold with a huge assortment of styles in brushed nickel, antique copper, and even stainless steel trimmed with 24 karat gold.  Many come with canvas or leather log carriers which with handles that slip into place onto the log rack frames.  Some are also decorated with side images of everything from butterflies to trout.

If space is a concern, Home of Décor sells fireplace toolsets that include log racks which are both functional and quite attractive.  Choices include wrought iron, vintage iron, antique copper, black, and graphite.  Several are also available as part of their “family” combinations, matched with fireplace screens and andirons.

Outdoor Log Racks

As you prepare for winter, make sure you have a strong, sturdy log rack outside to keep that cord of wood ready to use.  CSN Fireplaces and Homeclick have a nice selection of attractive, functional racks that make it easy to grab another log for the fire.  A simple tarp over the wood will keep it dry and ready to use.  Then, when your friends complain about their high heating bills, just smile and relax, knowing your winter will be cozy and warm thanks to your trusty fireplace.

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