Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

A stained glass fireplace screen casts an enchanting mood over an entire room.  With a huge number of styles and images available, it’s easy to find the right combination of color and design to match your room.  Selecting the perfect fireplace screen can be as much fun as enjoying the final result.

Colorful Flowers Come Alive On Stained Glass Fireplace Screens

It’s impossible to resist the stunning images such as sprigs of intense blue wisteria or delicate butterflies among blossoms.  Besides flowers and dragonflies, there are also colorful Frank Lloyd Wright-styled screens of richly colored geometrics or arched beveled Victorian designs.  Both and have excellent screen selections, including all types of floral and geometric designs, as well as outdoor scenics like light houses and even trout swimming with water lilies. 

Most stained glass screens come as three panel screens with a variety of arched or squared tops.  Since this type of fire screen should only be as a decoration, when no fire is burning, a hearth candelabra is the perfect way to enjoy the rich colors of your screen.

Sports Team Logos Make Your Fans Happy

Of course, for the die-hard fan, stained glass screens featuring the logos of their favorite sports teams are always a hit, especially since their tempered glass construction means they can be used when a fire is burning. has fire place screens for all of the NFL and MLB teams, like the St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers, or the New York Yankees.  They’ve even got a great selection of the top 32 college teams too, like the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Florida Seminoles.

Some of our friends have decorated their entire family room as a shrine to the Pittsburgh Steelers, including a stained glass fire screen with the Steelers logo in full color.  Now their home has become the official game-watching venue for all their fellow Steelers fans.  With a hot fire roaring behind that screen, they’ve got the coolest place in town!

So what theme will you use in your room?  Whether it’s elegant, a taste of the outdoors, or pays homage to your favorite team, a stained glass fireplace screen will complete your room beautifully.